All these books are sold at the Memorial Museum of Le Linge.

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The battle of Hautes Vosges February-October 1915
by General Armau de Pouydraguin. (History-testimonies) 208 pages-illustrated

9 Euroes

Hunters and artillerymen in a same combat to win 14-15
by Memorial of Le Linge (historical record of regiments and narrations ) 203 pages-illustrated

10 Euroes

The drama of Le Linge
by A. Durlewanger (history) 157 pages-highly illustrated

Das Drama des Lingekopfes 1915
par A. Durlewanger (Histoire)
157 pages - Très illustré

10 Euroes


10 Euroes

Le Linge, tomb of the hunters
by François Tisserand (testimony) 278 pages-illustrated

10 Euroes

In the furnace of Le Linge with the 5th B.C.P.
by sergeant Joseph Auguste Bernardin (testimony) 69 pages-illustrated

6 Euroes

Alsace 1914-1918 Linge 1915
by the colonel (E.R.) Pierre Crenner
174 pages – testimonies – history - illustrated

11 Euroes


La bataille du Linge 

Récit du Sergent Major Noël Jourdan du 30ème B.C.A.

2 Euroes

Les belles lettres du Capitaine Belmont 1915. (extraits) 

Capitaine Belmont (Témoignage)
15 pages - Illustré

2 Euroes


Le Linge 1915
Historic-very illustrated guide

Der Lingekopf 1915

The Linge 1915

5 Euroes

The battlefield of Le Linge.
Guide-very illustrated

5 Euroes


Le Linge 14-18

Video assembly of the battle of Le Linge -14min.

10 Euroes

Organized tour map

Pedestrian circuit that allows to understand more what was the battle of Le Linge: the tomb of the hunters, cemetery without burial..

2 Euroes