For the students, there is no guided tour of the Memorial. The visit is done under the leading and the responsibility of the guide teachers. Il is obvious that such a visit must be undertaked after a preparation in class. We ask to the children to respect this place of the memory and to the teachers to watch to the good manners of the pupils inside the memorial as well as on the battlefield.

The pedagogic folder can be used in its totality or partly following your choice. Its goal is to fix, through the events of Le Linge, the main point which is for a pupil to remember the 1st worldwide war. It can partly be filled-in before, during and after the visit of the Memorial. Il is divided in three themes: The Le Linge tomb of the hunters, the life in the trenches, a modern war. Each theme is introduced by an explanatory text and completed by many documents.

The visit starts by the projection of a video taking up of about 15mins that retraces the battle of Le Linge. For useful questions, a group then will visit the museum while the other will travel through the battlefield, then inversely. It will take between 1 hour and 1 hour 1/2 for the whole visist.

Opening:  April 10 2020

Closing : November 11 2020

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Compulsory reservation to visit the memorial and the site
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Responsable planning Responsable pédagogique
E-mail :
Dominique JARDY
Tél. 06 73 71 55 65
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Primary and College Lycée
30 euros each class to pay the day of the visit 5.00 euros / person, free guide and bus driver

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A class in the spotlight


Schoolboys of Duppigheim on the trace of their ancestors, thanks to the “French Memory”, association whose objective is to maintain sharp the memory of the combatants of the two world wars.

On the initiative of Jean Claude FERRENBACH, deputy local of the “French Memory”, the young schoolboys of the elementary school of Duppigheim (classes of CM1 and CM2) recently carried out a tour on the mythical battle fields of Alsace (collar of the linen, pocket of Colmar and Turckheim), where their ancestors delivered the combat, until the ultimate sacrifice, in order to ensure a peaceful future to them, and of full blooming within a found democracy.

To make breathe with our young blond the perfume of bravery, which these places exhale, and make them become aware, which from now on it belongs to them to be the enlightened and informed sentinels, of this heritage of peace and freedom, which results from this, such were the principal lesson of this teaching exit.

It is besides in this spirit, that our schoolboys entonné a splendid Marseillaise, followed by a deposit of sheaf of a great solemnity, in front of the monument dedicated to the combatants of the collar of the Linen, under the amazed and benevolent glance of soldiers in ceremonial dress, who held to honour with their presence, one ceremony as exceptional as cordial.

Photograph taken in front of the battlefield of LE LINGE

On 26 June 2008 a class of the school CM1 Jean Mace Colmar came to visit the Memorial Linge, accompanied by Mrs. Valerie BOEHRER teacher CM1 and Miss Muriel BURGER, Delegate to the Memory of fighting ONAC Haut-Rhin.

The visit was organized to reward deserving this class who had attended the school entitled "Small artists of the Memory, the Great War as seen by children", organized annually by the ONAC since 2006.

It is within this context that this class has prepared a book relating the story of a Sub-lieutenant of the 22nd BCA who fell In Flanders fields in August 1915 on the site of Le LINGE.

The children were very interested in film and on a visit to the museum and field of Battle.